Individual Counseling

Make an investment in yourself -Your Life is Worth it!! Whether you’re facing increasingly stressful life circumstances, feel stuck in old limiting patterns, frustrating relationship dynamics, chronic pain, self-defeating thoughts and feelings, depression, hopelessness, anxiety, trauma – or you feel disconnected from your work, family, friends, or life dreams, This very moment can be a turning point in a new direction… If you are facing the need for change in your life or in a relationship, counseling can be a very beneficial process.

In our work together you may choose to focus on:

  • New ways of managing stress and life transitions
  • Creating emotional balance in a hectic life
  • Turning self-doubt into confidence
  • Transforming your body image
  • Clearing out limiting belief patterns that keep you stuck in negative cycles
  • Finding healing from self-harm
  • Overcoming challenges with focus and attention
  • Exploring identity or sexual orientation
  • Improving communication with a loved one
  • Deepening connection, passion, and intimacy
  • Renewing creative inspiration
  • Overcoming anxiety, depression, or issues with focus & concentration
  • Transforming habits that get in the way of your life dreams
  • Healing from trauma or emotional pain
  • Making lifestyle choices that will better support you in meeting life’s challenges.
  • Connecting more deeply with Nature
Over the years I have had the privilege of supporting many amazing individuals in working through challenges related to:
  • life transitions
  • anxiety-panic-phobia
  • stress & burn-out
  • depression
  • grief & loss
  • residual trauma & PTSD
  • relationship & intimacy issues
  • ADD/ADHD (adult & child)
  • spiritual matters
  • body image/self esteem
  • eating disorders/ relationship with food
  • emotional issues related to physical health
  • career transitions
  • teenage concerns
  • emotionally supportive parenting

Please feel free to call or email me with any questions you may have or to schedule your free 30 min consultation.