My Approach

My practice is founded on a strong belief in each person’s inherent potential and capacity for change, healing, and personal growth.

Having said that, therapy requires at least a little bit of hope, courage, at times perseverance, and the willingness to explore new ways of being that may be more conducive to balance and wellbeing. It is my honor to support you in this process and my commitment to you is to treat you and your loved ones with the most sincere respect and care.

In our work together I will offer tools and resources from various approaches so as to best support your individual values, beliefs, culture, background, and personal goals in the therapy/counseling process.

My focus is helping individuals and couples identify and transform barriers that get in the way of possibilities for creating positive change in life.

A general overview of my approach would emphasize the importance of the therapy relationship and the dynamics that arise in that relationship as we work together. It would also emphasize the integrative relationship between the mind, body, and emotions, which is the holistic foundation of my practice. This includes mind-body integrated approaches such as mindfulness practice, (BMCT), EFT (Emotional freedom Techniques), Somatic Experience, and creative visualization. It also includes tools and information related to the scientific research emerging in the field of interpersonal Neurobiology.

The other theories and modalities I work with most frequently include: Psychodynamic, Narrative, Attachment, CBT, Existential, Jungian, and Eco-psychology.