Herbs & Health: Throughout the ages, people from all traditions and cultures have relied on their relationships with plants to facilitate health and wellness. The study and knowledge of the various actions of plants in promoting health and healing, and the understanding of the traditional and modern uses of herbs, is commonly referred to as herbalism. In our modern times science is also becoming increasingly interested in the topic of the medicinal properties of plants, and more and more research is becoming available on this topic in scientific literature as the interest in Complementary & Alternative approaches is growing.

Non-pharmaceutical Consultations: As an herbalist and herbal therapeutics consultant, I offer non-pharmaceutical, natural, and holistic consultations with a focus on emotional and mental well-being. Consultations combine educational information and recommendations about uses of herbs and essential oils to gently, safely, and naturally enhance the body’s ability to deal with stress and create emotional balance, health, and vitality. This approach can be an effective complement to therapy & counseling, as well as other health care services. I welcome opportunities to consult with and work in collaboration with other health care providers or therapists/counselors that you may be working with concurrently,

Other Important Information: As an herbal practitioner I do not diagnose, cure, or treat any illness or disease, nor prescribe medications. The information I provide in consultations or on this website related to herbs is not intended to replace your relationship with your primary health-care providers, and is not intended as medical advice. Please consult your doctor or nurse practitioner prior to taking any herbal product especially if you have a medical diagnosis or you’re taking pharmaceutical medications.  If you are interested in learning more about herbal consultations in support of emotional well-being – click HERE .